De-stressed Yarn

Work has been rather crazy lately… well it actually hasn’t been very rosy for a while already. The most of 2011 was fraught with uncertainty, new challenges and frustrations. It seems 2012 would be unrelenting in terms of the changes that will soon confront me.

The bosses dropped a huge bomb on my lap last week, suggesting (actually leaving me with not much of a choice) that some changes take place in to my current portfolio. It is still rather unsettling as certain things haven’t been ironed out as yet and there are still many moving parts to this whole saga. While exciting to some extent, it also scares me knowing the kind of expectations that will be placed on to me going forward.

There is probably a ton of things to be done…which will probably take quite some time to sort out as well. To de-stress, I have actually been crocheting, a lot! It is the only thing that is truly enjoyable now and takes my mind off the situation a little (ok, maybe a bit too much). But it has been making me really happy to see the final products – almost instant gratification.

This little lunch baggie was done in 3-4 days, including a day where I had to redo everything and make a smaller than planned bag due to shortage of yarn. Love the colour (the very “now” and “in” mustard) and a lovely close knit pattern that doesn’t require me to sew any lining for it (yay!). I have been getting really great feedback on it and two persons have requested for me to share the pattern already.

Picked up even more yarn today to make another bag and yet another baby teddy bear for a colleague’s daughter. Trying out cotton yarn this round instead of my usual acrylic to see how  it will  turn out. Feeling rather crazy doing this but it seems like a great way to preserve my sanity.


The “date”

It’s never a good thing when a weekend is so filled with work that the only time you get to date your husband is across a laptop and doing work in a cafe. We did just that today after an early dim sum brunch with the parents. Luckily we squeezed in a massage session in the late afternoon as a quick treat. Even though we zzz-ed away while we got rubbed and kneaded but at least it was something we enjoyed doing together.




A Bunch of Blooms

So I joined a quilting circle at the office several months back….unfortunately, I missed quite a few lessons and never completed any of the projects that were begun. Not having a sewing machine at home also greatly impeded my progression in the class.

The quilting group decided to come together this coming Friday to set up a booth for a charity sale. Unable to contribute any quilted products obviously, I volunteered to do up some crochet flower brooches. Did up most of them in about 30mins sitting in front of the TV. Think I still prefer crocheting more, the gratification is more instant. Hope they sell…

A Disappearance


After being on my feet training the whole day, I want to do nothing but prop my feet up and hug the dog. But blog I must…missed out on updating so much.

Just spent the last week holed up trying to sort out the training session that I was running today. While the ex-colleague was very kind to have done all the handover stuff before she left, the reality of having to do the actual training didn’t really hit me till recently when I scrutinised the available documents. So I spent a few days last week freaking out and trying to figure out how to do it, making sure I wouldn’t screw up so bad. I stayed in at my desk during lunch, and those who know me will know that I NEVER give up an opportunity to get some fresh air. I even ate a cup of cereal for lunch one day! Which is unheard of for someone who usually “lives to eat”. Even the kind cube mate had to ask whether I was ok one day, so touched! =)

Last week was made more complicated with my team-mates facing personal crisis. Having to sort out my own stuff while setting aside time to care for and counsel them was mentally and emotionally exhausting. All is still not well yet, but I feel heartened that they have trusted me enough in this short time to share with me what is going on in their personal life. It reaffirms my belief that as a boss, it is not always about the task but about how you treat people. By showing care and being genuinely interested in their lives, everything else will fall into place thereafter.


Life with the new cube mate has gone off to a splendid start! We commemorated the occasion by pigging out on Spicy Chicken McNuggets and Fries when the afternoon tummy rumbles kicked in. Not sure what came over me when I suggested McD’s delivery but it was sinfully good.

I guess she is right, we have similar food cravings and we are really bad for each other, especially if we ever decide to go on diets. Thank goodness she doesn’t come in to work everyday… heh. =)