Just End It Already!

I officially state my disdain for winter, just go away already please!

Been pretty much down and out for the past few days, fell by a bug that attacked swiftly and suddenly on Sunday. Had done the usual brunch and supermarket run but once I reached home, had body aches, clammy hands and a funny tummy. Not sure if it was some kind of food poisoning but a fever soon followed that night and I was in bed by 8pm. Currently still nursing a slight headache and a cough on the brink of its beginnings.

This is the 3rd time I’ve been sick this winter. Quite a terrible feat because I’m not the type that falls ill very often. It does seem like it is quite a common occurrence for most people living here and getting flu shots is a “must-do” for winter.

It’s not really just the chilly air that affects your bodily system I believe. More like the being cooped up indoors with windows all closed (to block out the cold) and little air circulation that traps germs about the house. And in winter, you really don’t want to be out in the cold, so less movement, less exercise and less healthy. Something to learn from living and adjusting to a temperate climate.


Massage Class

So with lots of time on my hands, I signed up for a massage class offered by Northwestern University!?

The husband was super supportive, only because his neck tends to get really stiff and he loves massages. He is super looking forward to me practicing on him. We used to go for massages all the time back home and it’s something we really miss since it isn’t very cheap here and the style used by the masseuses here is very light handed and different. We’re more used to and much prefer the Thai oil massages. And I like it super painful.

I was pretty curious how the class would turn out since the course description did say that we would have opportunities to be both the giver and receiver of massages. I was hoping it wouldn’t be too awkward, but guess what? it kinda was…. My classmates were all men! We had to pair up and I ended up with the female instructor at first but somehow later on, I did end up with this big burly guy. Pretty unexpected actually as I thought that maybe more women would be interested in this course. I did feel a bit funny but it was bearable I guess since it was just the head and shoulder area for this class. I do plan to raise my concerns if I feel any discomfort in future.

But it was also strange to be putting your hands on a stranger. I mean, firstly it’s a stranger lor! And secondly, I was so afraid of doing things wrong and hurting them instead. Definitely not a class for germaphobes or people who are uncomfortable with being touched.

I watched this video on Ellen the other day. Found it really funny and apt to end this post. 😀

Shingle Bells

I will always remember Christmas 2012 as one where I spent my time shuttling in and out of the hospital. While fighting a very bad bout of cough, the husband discovered that he developed Shingles on Christmas Day!

Half suspecting it was what it was, we proceeded to head to a 24hour clinic to verify. We were rather annoyed at the doctor who saw us that day; a young chap who was kinda nervous and seemed unsure at what he was doing. He couldn’t make a definitive diagnosis and suggested that we head to the hospital to have a look instead. He was also concerned that since the rash/blisters were appearing on the husband’s face, it would need more medical attention. While we initially scoffed at the idea, it actually turned out to be a huge blessing that he sent us there.

The A&E doctor took a look and immediately ask the husband to consider checking into the hospital and start on aggressive antibiotic treatment through an IV drip. Since the shingles were appearing on his forehead, there was a fear that the infected nerves would affect the brain. His left eye was also getting red and was eventually infected and swollen as well.

We stayed at the Gleneagles hospital for total of 5 days. Apart from the semi annoying nurses who came in multiple times a day (actually they were really just doing their job), the whole experience was a really pleasant one and I would recommend going to Gleneagles anytime for good quality medical care. It cost a bomb though, the bill came up to $12,000!! , reinforcing the fact that medical insurance is so so important. Thankfully the husband settled his 2 years back and I just got nudged to settle mine just 2 months ago. Terrible I know…

The 5 days in hospital weren’t easy for me and I am pretty ashamed to admit that I wasn’t always the supportive spouse throughout the time. I remember feeling annoyed when the husband announced that he might have shingles on the first morning. I still feel guilty that the first thing I thought of then was that our long awaited holiday was at risk of being cancelled. But seeing all the needles and your usually strong husband walking around in a hospital gown really makes you feel sad and vulnerable.

Still, we found time to try to look on the bright side. The husband was finally getting the rest he needed albeit in a hospital and we got to spend lots of quality time together. Thankfully, I was clearing my year end leave and I could concentrate fully on doing things for him rather than be bogged down by work.

Our little one was absolutely gutted that he was separated from papa for days and days. He moped around all day that sweetie pie.

Real Food, Real Good

Currently, I have a slight obsession with this place called Real Food. The food is oh so yummy and I feel absolutely healthy each time I eat there. It’s a place where all myths around vegetarian food being bland and boring are broken.

I didn’t just find out about it though but my first trip there wasn’t that memorable, perhaps I ordered the wrong thing (a beet burger, what was I thinking?!) or the changes in the menu improved the quality of food. Anyway, I can’t stop thinking about their dumpling soup and fried brown rice now, which are my faves. The soup is so flavourful even though it has no meat in the stock. It’s light yet tasty and has really inspired me to try and replicate it one day. And who knew fried rice would be yummy with some nuts and beans thrown in? Their homemade chilli sauce is also awesome. Love their cold pressed juices as well – anyone up for Spinach, Apple and Orange juice? Even the sceptical husband is a fan too.

Real Food has two branches, one at The Central and the other at Killiney Road. Really love the Killliney branch as its so spacious and has more peaceful surroundings. The organic grocery selection there is much bigger too. Recently they added my fave popsicle brand, Popaganda on the menu, a welcomed sweet ending to any meal.

De-stressed Yarn

Work has been rather crazy lately… well it actually hasn’t been very rosy for a while already. The most of 2011 was fraught with uncertainty, new challenges and frustrations. It seems 2012 would be unrelenting in terms of the changes that will soon confront me.

The bosses dropped a huge bomb on my lap last week, suggesting (actually leaving me with not much of a choice) that some changes take place in to my current portfolio. It is still rather unsettling as certain things haven’t been ironed out as yet and there are still many moving parts to this whole saga. While exciting to some extent, it also scares me knowing the kind of expectations that will be placed on to me going forward.

There is probably a ton of things to be done…which will probably take quite some time to sort out as well. To de-stress, I have actually been crocheting, a lot! It is the only thing that is truly enjoyable now and takes my mind off the situation a little (ok, maybe a bit too much). But it has been making me really happy to see the final products – almost instant gratification.

This little lunch baggie was done in 3-4 days, including a day where I had to redo everything and make a smaller than planned bag due to shortage of yarn. Love the colour (the very “now” and “in” mustard) and a lovely close knit pattern that doesn’t require me to sew any lining for it (yay!). I have been getting really great feedback on it and two persons have requested for me to share the pattern already.

Picked up even more yarn today to make another bag and yet another baby teddy bear for a colleague’s daughter. Trying out cotton yarn this round instead of my usual acrylic to see how  it will  turn out. Feeling rather crazy doing this but it seems like a great way to preserve my sanity.