Busy Crafty Fingers

Managed to squeeze out pockets of time for my annual December crafting frenzy. Last Christmas was kind of quiet on the craft gifting front since I didn’t have many friends in Evanston then. But it’s been quite different this year since going to school means building a new network of friends and classmates to bring some joy to.

Not sure why, but red doesn’t seem to photography very well on my point and shoot iPhone camera. The pattern is a bit lost on the visual presented but this is a boot cuff I gifted to my buddy from school (each new student gets assigned one). Boot cuffs seem to be rather popular these days. It’s basically a half sock that you put on and have them peek out of your boot tops. They serve no practical purpose except to look pretty. 😀 And to warm up your calves a little more, maybe? I doubt there is a difference.

Somehow, these things are mighty expensive in the stores, ranging from $20-$30. Not all are knitted/crocheted, mostly wool, cotton or lace. I think it’s an easy and rather pretty gift to make, so this is going into my repertoire of quick and small last minute gifts.

This set of penguins created some misunderstanding online for me. Somehow, at least 2 friends thought I was hinting at babies. lol 😀 (I wish) Well, they were for some babies, but not mine. As you can see, my 2 recipients from Colorado are practically swimming in the hats I made. Thankfully, kids grow fast, so am sure they will fit into them soon. Especially love the little ribbon I added for jiejie penguin, little E is a huge fan of these black and white birds. Her parents said she has been sleeping with the stuffed one ever since she got it. Loved her short video thanking us as well.

Both boot cuffs and penguin hat patterns generously provided online by Repeat Crafter Me.

Lastly, am still trying to speed up and make a bunch of twist cowls for some other classmates. I still have time because everyone is back in their hometowns celebrating Christmas with their families. These will be presented when the term starts again. I still have about 2 more to go at least. But if I have extra yarn (of course I do!), I might do a few more for others who were not on my original list.

Love this twist cowl, it’s nice and puffy, and as you can see, the twist reveals 2 different designs that make it a bit more interesting to wear. Pattern from the ever generous All About Ami.


Hello 老虎

Another thank you gift that will go into my bag bound for home. Have never packed my large toys for plane rides before, hopefully it won’t be squished by the time we emerge from our 20+ hour journey.

This is another pattern from the Zoomigurumi series, smilar to Kitty Cat done a few weeks back. On hindsight, I should probably have added more stripes along the body to make it more tiger like. But too late now I guess. A baby tiger with less developed markings it shall be.

Probably going to be my last big project for sometime since there seems to be 101 things to be done before school starts. But knowing me, I might still pick up yarn to do small projects to de-stress and procrastinate. 😛

Frozen Queen Elsa Amigurumi

I know the Frozen craze is still alive and well in some households. So I thought, why not make a Queen Elsa doll for a friend’s daughter as part of a thank you gift? Hoping I made the right choice because I really have no idea whether this girl likes the Frozen franchise. But if anything, this doll is still rather pretty no? Regardless of whoever it is suppose to resemble.

There is no ready pattern out there available for this doll. I actually modified it from the “My Crochet Doll” book that I  had bought several months earlier. The dress isn’t exactly as flowy and beautiful as the cartoon version but I tried to make it more wintery and Elsa looking by adding on the snowflakes on her dress.

Her hair was the most fun to do yet the most challenging. At one stage, the husband called her hair a mop! humph! It probably can look much better, it’s rather messy on the top, but I have no wish to undo and redo again already.

This doll is much sturdier than the first one I made since I added some aluminum wires in her body together with the stuffing. She definitely stands and poses much better and her head not as floppy as before.

Might take a break from this doll for a while, want to try other things soon. Also need to rework my schedule for crafting in future, not sure if I’m going to have a lot of time.

Pastel Kitty Cat

Made this Kitty cat for one of our friends who will be moving back to Portland, Oregon soon. She’s a cat lover so of course a little kitty was  in order when it came to a going away present.

The pattern is from a really lovely amigurami pattern book called Zoomigurami. As its name might suggest, it contains patterns of crocheted animals.

Didn’t really follow the pattern to a T. The main difference was the color. I ditched the suggested grey for a pretty pastel multi coloured yarn that I got many moons back and didn’t know what to do with. There is still loads of it left after finishing this kitty. The dress pattern was also modified to double crochets as I was too lazy to crochet in singles. (sorry, technical crochet speak here).

Thought she looked really cute in her flower hand band no? But the husband took one look and decided to make her a pirate by pulling it over her eyes! argh!! I think he secretly wants to keep her in our growing collection of cuties that he could’nt bear for me to give away.

Red, White and Blue Stars

It’s 4th of July today and we’re headed out to celebrate with our community in Evanston.

Wanted to kind of dress the part but didn’t really have the right colors lying around in my current wardrobe. The easiest and quickest thing to do I thought was to do up some “star” brooches. Was looking for a pattern that had more pointy edges but couldn’t find one that fit my bill.

Settled on this pattern in the end as I could easily play with the color combinations to get what I wanted. Did it in 30 mins and popped it on my blouse. Felt festive almost immediately!

Feel like doing more in various colors. Perhaps some in Singapore’s red and white too!