Alaska! & Seattle Day 5-9


Another bright and early day where we hopped off the ship for another shore excursion. Day 5, we’re in Skagway and had planned to hop on the White Pass Railway for a 2 hour ride.

Actually, we only thought we were early because many others had already scored prime seats on the train by the time we got on. Don’t think kiasu-ism is a Singapore-only disease ok?


Skagway was considered the gateway for the Klondike gold rush in the late 1890s. The railway was built specifically to transport prospectors to the gold fields 500 miles away. Prospectors then had to travel by foot and carry a ton (literally!!) of supplies to be able to get to the gold fields up near Canada. Unfortunately, the gold dried out shortly after the railway was built! Now, it exists only as a tourist attraction. And more appallingly so, only a Summer attraction mainly for cruise passengers like us! Ultimate touristy!

Thankfully, it was a really beautiful ride and we had great guides who pointed out scenic spots and points of historical interest to us. We also stepped out to the viewing deck from time to time to feel the breeze and get better views of the surroundings. A really relaxing and informative ride.

Random little nuggets I learnt from the ride… Most people made their riches during the gold rush not because of the gold itself but through the services that they provided to prospectors. Donald Trump’s grandfather made the family riches by opening a hotel and casinos for prospectors. The family name was also Drumpf and not Trump, he was a migrant from Germany!


The surroundings in Skagway were beautiful but again nothing much to see in the city itself. Most buildings were also re-creations of old buildings and not really historical. We did have yummy King Crab (my current favorite now) and elephant ears, fried dough coated in cinnamon sugar!

We spent the rest of the cruise mostly out at sea back to Seattle. Days were spent chilling out at the pool, reading and snoozing. In other words, perfect. ๐Ÿ˜€ The ship did make a stop in Victoria, British Columbia but it was a short stop and I had a virtual class at that time. So I attended class online during the cruise itself, it was quite a cheap thrill really. But I ditched it halfway to get to a spa appointment. ๐Ÿ˜› Don’t tell my professor!


We decided to spend one night in Seattle since we both have never been there. It was a whirlwind trip but I think we covered most of the main things.

Seattle was especially exciting as there was a Din Tai Fung there! It was the first thing we went in search of after dumping our bags at the hotel. Hadn’t eaten it for the longest time and we definitely over ordered. The food there pretty much tasted the same as back home in Singapore although the sauce for the ็บขๆฒนๆŠ„ๆ‰‹ was a tad sweet.



Spent the rest of the day admiring the glass sculptures at the Chihuly Glass Museum. So so pretty. My favorite were theย multicolored glass orbs in a boat. There were also several sculptures in a garden setting and I can so imagine the Gardens By the Bay commissioning Chihuly’s works one day for display.


Of course we couldn’t leave Seattle without visiting Pike’s Place. Ate crumpets, bought multi-flavored Orzo (our current favorite pasta), drank homemade ginger ale and gawked at the crazy lines in front of the original Starbucks. Avoided the bubble gum wall (click if you dare) like the plague but still accidentally caught a glimpse of it. It’s as disgusting as you can imagine.


5 thoughts on “Alaska! & Seattle Day 5-9

  1. I have been beo-ing some of the Alaskan cruises ever since my aunt told me it’s a must-do, so I’m so glad you blogged about your experience and the ports of call, and I will definitely come back to these posts in due time! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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