What does your neighbourhood smell like?

A walk outside my condo is a taste bud tantalising experience as the smells of fried chicken waft along the streets.

Had been curious about this place ever since I set eyes upon it. A dingy looking building across the road from my apartment. Didn’t help that the name of the shop really matched its appearance of a dodgy shack.

So I Googled “The Chicken Shack”, as I always do when I want to check out new eateries. And quickly realised that this little shop was selling the best fried chicken in the whole of Evanston, well at least according to people on Yelp. Couldn’t help but abandon any notion of eating healthy and made a beeline for the place once I had an off day from cooking (husband had a lunch meeting).

The familiar American fast food chains we see back home in Singapore is actually hard to find here in Evanston. There is no McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and Burger King in downtown at all. We have  Chipotle (which is really yummy mexican food btw) and Five Guys (a burger place way yummier than McD’s). And then “The Chicken Shack”, a small mom and pop place which apparently has been around for eons.

It’s actually pretty dingy inside as it is outside so it’s not usually a place I would naturally want to go and try out. But I guess it’s kinda like the theory back home; where the dirtier the eatery is, the more delicious the food would be?

I was greedy and ordered takeout of 2 pieces of chicken and deep fried catfish nuggets with a biscuit at the side. Also added a side of coleslaw and mash with gravy. It was oily, crispy, very salty but everything a good fried chicken should be. The husband didn’t want anything to do with it when I showed him the leftovers. That health freak.

As with every greasy meal, the guilt factor always gets to me after. So I am telling myself to only have this as a treat once every other month. 😀 But I am already plotting what I’ll order next. Deep fried chicken gizzards! yums…


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